Why LexKontract Lifecycle Management System

LexKontract is a Contract Lifecycle Management System (CLM) by Lexcomply. It is a customizable approval workflow engine to automate various stages of a contract starting from draft to review to approval. Maximise your operational and financial performance while reducing business risk with a user-friendly interface, powered by a powerful engine and complete audit trail.

LexKontract Features

Contract Repository

Centralised repository of contract documents with relevant data to search and analyse.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts and Notifications to manage timelines for commitments, terms and key provisions.

Advanced Search

A full text and advanced search functionality to quickly find related set.


Ability to electronically sign contract documents by both the parties.

Contract Creation

Create new contracts in lifecycle or digitise existing contracts for record purposes.

Analytics Report

Review contract dashboards and develop reports based on metadata and data of the new contracts.

Template Repository

Create or upload templates to implement clause libraries and reuse in a flexible manners

Approval Workflows

Ability to manage contract lifecycle with simple and secured dynamic workflows for review and approval

Recognized by customers as the emerging industry leader in CLM.

LexKontract Advantages

Shorten Approval Times

Lexkontract software is designed to completely automate your contract lifecycle process.

Increase Contract Visibility

Storing all files in one digital repository, allows for digitisation and management reporting.

Improve Audit Preparation

Audit preparation is smooth with dynamic role mapping and an advanced search functionality.

Never Miss a Renewal Date

Reminders for contracts nearing expiry with ability to easily sign contract documents electronically.

Ensure Contract Compliance

Ensure compliance by creating new contracts in standard lifecycle or digitise existing Contracts.

Improve Commitment to Completion

Review performance and develop reports based on metadata and data of the new system.

Improve Document Management

Standardize your contracts based on types, templates and existing governance structure.

Enhance security and transparency

Leverage the extensive audit capabilities with advanced data encryption mechanism on AWS.

Strategic Merits of using LexKontract

  • Ease of use! We hate complexity, so we simplify.
  • Collaboration, amendment, and sharing capabilities.
  • Potential for customization.
  • Secure delivery and storage options.

See how it works.

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